About Me


Therapy isn’t just about sessions; it’s about moments. These moments can’t be scheduled, faked or forced. When my clients feel safe, heard and cared for—and speak their truth without fear of judgment—they open up their real, authentic and beautiful selves.


That’s where the real work happens. Those are the moments I live for.


Our lives are full of normal suffering that deserves attention. Fear, hurt, anxiety and tedious day-to-day routines can leave us feeling dragged down and out of touch with the people we want to be and the life we want to live.

I help people become unstuck and unlocked. I help my clients feel their lives again. Through education and experience, I learn each client’s unique story, offer new perspectives and turn hurt into hope. I don’t just listen, I hear. I don’t just console, I care deeply.

It makes a difference.

My Background

I am originally from South Africa. The fascinating journey of my country has given me a profound reverence for how people carry the ability to transform and grow. I have lived in Southern California for 16 years. I am a family man, and in my spare time you will most likely find me enjoying nature. I can proudly say that I have watched every David Attenborough nature documentary three times!

For ten years, I lived in the corporate world. I crisscrossed the country and clutched on to my frequent flier card. I blend that experience into my present day life as a therapist. I am the founder of a web site that connects low-income people to community counseling centers. Each year, the web site connects over 150,000 people across America to mental health services.

My Education

I received my post-graduate education from Pepperdine University. I continue to pursue readings and conferences to understand the depths of the human mind. Mostly though, I continue to educate myself through deeply caring for my clients. I believe that each person has gained a unique insight into life, and that if I listen with care and with openness, that they can teach me as much as I teach them.


Mark Pines