My Top 10 Therapy Ad-Ons

By January 19, 2014 Article

There are many things you can do to enhance your therapy experience. Here is my top ten and the reasons why. Don’t feel bad if you are unable to use all of these in your growth process. We are all different. Not everything works for everyone.

Exercise & Nutrition

A healthy body creates a healthy mind. Exercise is the number one thing you can do to enhance and manage your mood. Exercise is also important to help your brain absorb new information.


Your dreams are where you process information. A good night sleep not only feels great, but helps your brain grow the new neural pathways that cement your growth. I little research on good sleep habits will help. Studies have found only marginal benefits to medical sleep aids. For most people, simple changes to their habits will be as or more effective. You may even consider keeping a dream journal. Writing down your dreams just after you wake is a great source of information from your subconscious.


Therapy is one of the hardest things you can do. If you have had friends going through similar struggles, now may be good time to reach out to them. You can also find great support at 12 step groups. There are tons of them for every issue and in every city. A little internet research can go a long way.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great addition to individual therapy. A group can provide support, guidance and wisdom in ways that individual therapy cannot. It can also provide you with a range of emotional experiences that cannot be found in individual therapy.


A private journal is a great outlet for things which are difficult to talk to others about. Writing in of itself allows our brains to learn new information. That is why our teachers made us write papers! The same principle applies to understand our feelings better.


For certain people the combination of talk therapy and medication is the most effective. Talk about the possible benefits with your therapist.

A Bit of Reading Goes a Long Way

Not everything in therapy makes logical sense. Often things feel a bit backwards. Reading and understanding the mechanism of therapy can help you stick with it.
Arts & Crafts
So many of the things we want to express cannot be put in words. Creativity is a great way to give these parts of your form. If you create something that is meaningful to you, bring it to therapy!

Meditation & Yoga

Finding a peaceful place inside of you can be something learnt through practice. Both meditation and yoga provide a way to nurture that part of yourself.

Religion & Spirituality

Many of my clients find their spirituality an important facet of helping them grow in therapy. People find strength in their own unique spirituality. For some this may mean religion, while for others, this might mean taking time to quietly appreciate the beauty of the world.